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Greater LA & South Bay

Transformational SHIFT, INNER-standing & Peace of Mind, Soul Mission & Creativity, Mindfulness, Self-Mastery & Self-Love, Joy & Fulfillment

Shavon Danea is a Certified Nurse, Intuitive Spiritual Practitioner & Reiki Master who supports men, women as well as young adults S.H.I.F.T their way of life by shifting their subconscious mindset into transformational actions.

Through 15 years within life cycles of my own SHIFTS as a teen mom, experiencing homelessness, substance abuse, self-ID & depression; She has developed a significant relationship in Spirit with Spirit, through energy & applying universal principles as teachings & healing sessions with ancient spiritual ritual to support the embodiment of balance & universal harmonization.

Guiding one to bridge the gap of truth, trust & faith via embracing your remembrance of true enlightenment within, through your INNER-standing of self-mastery. Shavon Danea supports your connection of the heart to the mind as ONE SOURCE, lighting your path to transmute karmic life cycles.

Sessions may include:

- Visualization

- Channeled / Intuitive Meditation

- Spirit Connection & Guidance

- Binaural Beats & Solfeggio Frequency

- Aura Cleanse & Healing

- Oracle Card / Intuitive Reading

- Crystal Healing

- Aromatherapy

- Affirmations / Mantras