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The Valley, Calabasas, Pasadena, LA+

Areas of Expertise: Self Actualization, Unconditional Love, Life Purpose, End of Life Issues

Marcia is a Third Degree Reiki Master Teacher working with this beautiful energy since 2006. People are drawn to her natural warmth and gentle approach to profound healing. She specializes in helping clients connect to their deepest selves, true paths and passions. In fact, her mission and greatest honor is to support others in being their most unencumbered, authentic selves because the world needs all of us!  Each session with Marcia is customized to your current needs and areas of focus are discussed. Traditional Usui Reiki (which clears the aura and balances the chakras) lays the foundation, and can be complemented by Tibetan bowls, aromatherapy and charged crystals depending on preferences. Clients report deep states of relaxation and often bliss after a single session. Those who make Reiki part of their regular self-care routine experience profound shifts. Mikao Usui, the Father of Reiki, called it “the secret art of inviting happiness and health.” Marcia suggests you experience it for yourself.