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Orange County, Long Beach

Areas of Expertise: Chakra Balancing, Heartbreak, Shadow Work, Inner Child Healing, Working with Angels and Spirit Guides

Brittany has been practicing Reiki professionally for four years, and teaching it for two years. She strongly believes in the power of Energy Healing; it has brought many miracles to her own life and those she has shared it with in a myriad of ways. Brittany is dedicated to providing her clients with a sense of relief, relaxation, and clarity.

She’ll start her Sesh with an opening conversation about your current energetic state and determine where to place focus. She'll then guide you with light breath work and visualizations, while utilizing Reiki to revive your chakra centers. Brittany will also provide the choice to add the use of binaural beats, incense, crystals, and/or tarot cards to enhance your experience.