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Greater LA, West and Central LA, Hollywood

Bobbi is an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master Teacher and Herbalist. Her foundation is deeply rooted in Wise Woman Tradition and her Soul’s Purpose is to help awaken the healer within.

Her sessions are heart-centered, designed to create a safe container for healing that allows Reiki Energy to flow through freely. She walks you through conscious breathing, meditation and connecting to your intention. Bobbi uses a combination of blessing herbs, aromatherapy and intuitively uses drumming, crystal bowls and other sound healing instruments and crystal grids to help clear, move and transmute denser energies. Through this continued practice, chakras begin to align and open, allowing for optimal healing to be received.

Bobbi specializes in working through grief, trauma, and stress release. She listens to your guides to bring messages of clarity, self love and purpose.