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San Fernando & Simi Valley, Santa Clarita

Amber is a Certified Reiki Master, specializing in Chakra balancing and Intuitive healing. In 2019, Amber knew she was called to become a Reiki Master during her very first Reiki session as a client and has been helping to heal, guide, and transform lives through this Amazing Universal Power ever since.

During a Reiki Session with Amber, you will immediately recognize her ability to provide a peaceful and powerful experience to each client. The healing environment is established using a combination of Music, Smudge (incense or Sage) and Energetically charged Crystals. Peace and Serenity are the main intention of each Reiki session, when these virtues are established, the Universe is able to offer healing to the client physically, mentally and spiritually. Once the Reiki session has ended, there will be time allotted for the client to reflect on the session and express their experiences. Amber will also reveal any Chakra blockages/imbalances and Universal Messages provided to her on your behalf at this time.

With over 30 years of professional experience in the Music industry here in Los Angeles, Amber has an extreme passion and gift when working with creatives. Creative people often require a unique healing experience as so much of themselves are given to others on a daily basis. Amber also realizes the great deal of discretion that is required to protect the energy of not only her creative clients, but every client she is privileged to work with.