Self-care is all the rage these days.

Everyone seems to be on a quest for the most soothing, relaxing, and satisfying things they can do to relieve their stress and help them unwind. Reiki is one of the best alternative methods of relaxation, and we’re here to tell you all about the benefits. Reiki is an ancient practice that involves manipulating your energy flow to promote healing in your body, mind, and spirit. It's also an excellent tool for self-care! Here are eight reasons why:

1) Less Stress

Studies have shown that Reiki increases dopamine levels (which make you feel good), lowers cortisol (the stress hormone) and increases oxytocin (the love hormone). With high dopamine levels, you can release pent up energy, relax your mind, and stop worrying about the little things. Cortisol is one of the hormones that's released during a high stress situation such as when you're driving in heavy traffic or dealing with work drama. Reiki reduces cortisol (because it helps counterbalance negative emotions like anger) so you can feel happier and more focused on what matters most to you. It also increases oxytocin (the love hormone) which is an important hormone that reduces stress by increasing feelings of comfort and happiness. Lastly, Reiki has an effect on our nervous system like reducing heart rate and blood pressure. 

2) More Energy

One of the benefits of Reiki is that it will put you in a deep meditative state. Since meditation has been shown to increase energy and vitality, this is one reason why you'll feel more energized and alive after your session.

3) Revitalizes Your Physical Body

Reiki can increase blood flow throughout your body, thereby bringing nutrients to places where they are needed most such as organs or areas with inflammation. It also helps reduce pain by reducing muscle tension and increasing circulation.   

4) Elevates Creativity

The sacral chakra is the energy center that gives you a balanced, grounded and calm approach to life, and is responsible for your reproductive system, lower back and pelvic areas, as well as balance in emotions. Reiki can help unlock this chakra, which can open your creativity, manifested desire and confidence as well as a lust for life. 

5) Reduce Pain

Reiki is what's known as a "therapeutic touch technique", in which healing energy flows from one person (the "giver") into another (the "receiver"). Because of this, it's often used to reduce pain and anxiety that comes with the recovery process from illness, injury, and surgery. Not only that, but hospitals all over the United States offer Reiki Healing to help patients in recovery or chemotherapy. Getting a dose of Reiki can dramatically increase the progress of healing, and make it a more enjoyable experience. It also helps with chronic pain such as that due to arthritis or back issues because regular treatments promote relaxation and ease pain.

6) Makes You Feel Good

One of the best things about self-care is that it makes you feel good! Self-care can be anything that helps boost your energy, reduce stress or pain, increase productivity, or just improve your mood overall. Reiki fits this bill because not only does it promote relaxation, but also gives off a very soothing energy. And if we're being honest, who doesn't like to feel relaxed and calm after a stressful day?  

7) Improved Sleep Quality

Reiki increases serotonin and melatonin levels, which are both very important for restful sleep. Serotonin balances your mood so you can go to bed with a clear mind and feel empowered enough to have a full night of deep sleeping. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle, so by increasing it through Reiki you'll get better results when trying meditation or yoga before bed.

8) Reduced Anxiety and Stress Symptoms

Reiki can have an effective effect on stress and anxiety. If you are feeling tired from the pressures of life, Reiki may be able to help you feel more refreshed and energized.In addition to relieving physical pain, Reiki helps people to overcome worry, fear and other negative emotions and feelings. However, it works in a way that is different from traditional approaches to reducing anxiety.

While medications such as Xanax or antidepressants typically act on receptors in the brain to block the effects of chemicals responsible for causing anxiety Reiki does not interact with these receptors; instead, Reiki promotes healing on a very deep level. The healing effects of Reiki are able to address the underlying causes of anxiety without interfering with brain chemistry.

The typical treatment time for anxiety is twenty-four hours, but symptoms can be eased as early as during the first session.

As a holistic therapy, Reiki does not treat only the physical aspects of mental illness, but also addresses other factors such as the effect of fear on our spiritual and emotional well-being. Reiki may be able to help people who are struggling with mental health issues to find balance in their lives by helping them to achieve a state of greater harmony and relaxation.

Reiki has been investigated in several research studies, including some that are double-blind and placebo-controlled. One of the most promising areas of Reiki research involves use of the therapy as a complementary treatment in breast cancer patients (Reiki also aids in recovery from chemotherapy). These studies indicate that Reiki may help to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue symptoms, thus improving quality of life.

Bottom line: Reiki really is a great tool for self-care. There are many benefits to being in touch with your energy flow. Reiki treatments can help you feel more grounded in the present moment which makes life easier to deal with. 

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