Self-love is the most powerful cure on earth.

And Reiki is a pathway to self-love and inner peace. To use this combination for healing, you need to open yourself up spiritually and emotionally first. You do that by doing a few simple meditations - which take just 15 minutes each day - to clear your mind of bad feelings such as fear, anger and guilt, and fill it with good feelings like love, welcome new experiences into your life or connect with your ancestors or nature spirits.

First, I'll briefly explain how self-love works so you understand why using it in conjunction with Reiki healing works:

Human beings are energy beings. Every thought gives off an energetic vibration called "emotional energy".Some of these emotional energies are bad as they give off lower vibrational frequencies whereas others are positive and vibrate at much higher frequencies. Think of how your energy feels when you're feeling a positive emotion like happiness, peacefulness, and clear-headedness.. Now remember a time when you felt a negative emotion such as anger, fear, or guilt which all have the opposite effect. Big difference, right?. Those negative thoughts and feelings can do much more harm than you may think. They create low vibrational frequencies within our body which can make us sick, tired, and if never dealt with can cause disease and chronic pain.

A healthy vibration helps you become more open to life experiences – this is when opportunities come through that are in your best interest to help you expand. You'll be confident in your decisions and presented with opportunities – like starting a business or changing careers - that allow you to fulfill your destiny and live a fulfilling life with abundance and happiness.

An important factor within our spiritual growth to achieving and maintaining a high vibrational frequency is to keep our energy flowing, balanced, and healed. As the Founder of a budding business that specializes in Energy Healing, I always turn to Reiki sessions every other week to keep me balanced emotionally and physically.

I'm sure you can relate to feeling off balanced, overworked, and radiating negative vibes when the day gets the best of you. Sometimes it feels increasingly difficult for us to stay healthy physically and spiritually.

So how can we raise our vibratory field and balance our emotions naturally? Self-love is key – because by loving yourself you fill your body with good vibrations simply by thinking loving thoughts towards yourself (i.e., "I am perfect and whole just the way I am", which is a great self-love affirmation).

Self-love is the most important factor in helping you to achieve your highest potential. You must love yourself before you can fulfill your destiny. By learning how to give yourself unconditional love and acceptance, you evolve spiritually. And when we know that all things come from Source Energy (i.e., positive vibratory field), it's easier for us as humans to trust that everything does happen for our highest good, even if it doesn't make sense at first glance.

Reiki helps Life Flow through you more easily. It helps to clear blockages in our energy body and life force. Self-love opens up the flow of life force through our heart chakra (an area of our body that, once open, allows positive thoughts, feelings and sensations to move from the heart outwards through your physical body). When you meditate on self-love for just 10 minutes a day, you will begin to feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself – even if there are negative situations going on around you.

To go even deeper, you can turn to Reiki to help open up your Chakras. Once this happens, it feels like warm water flowing down over your entire body as you bathe in soul-healing Reiki. When you meditate on self-love in conjunction with meditation, you can expect to experience many positive physical and mental results:

You make the most out of any life experience, and that includes how you choose to practice self-love - whether through meditation, journaling, mirror talk, or Reiki Healing - your intentions set the vibration for your energy. However, there are some things that we do know: Loving yourself allows you to be open for wonderful experiences in life which will enrich your spirit. And being able to love yourself unconditionally helps Source Energy to flow through you easily and brings much joy in your life – even if there are some negative things that happen.

It's time for us as human beings to get back to spiritual basics like focusing on loving ourselves (and others), trusting Source Energy, living in the here and now, enjoying our work/hobbies and realizing what we want out of life.

Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is a form of self-love. Reiki helps you take better care of yourself by creating a deep sense of relaxation within minutes. Allowing yourself to relax deeply is essential for healing physical ailments, emotional pain or mental blockages so that you can once again become good receivers for positive energy.

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