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How To Heal Yourself With Self-Love And Reiki

August 10th, 2021
Self-love is the most powerful cure on earth. And Reiki is a pathway to self-love and inner peace. To use this combination for healing, you need to open yourself up spiritually and emotionally first. You do that by doing a few simple meditations - which take just 15 minutes each day - to clear your mind of bad feelings such as fear, anger and guilt, and fill it with good feelings like love, welcome new experiences into your life or connect with your ancestors or nature spirits.

8 Reasons Why Reiki is The Perfect Self-Care Tool

July 30, 2021
We're here to give you all the benefits of Reiki and tell you the top 8 reasons why it's an excellent tool for self-care!

Reiki 101

May 20, 2021
A brief history of Reiki and it's benefit in our lives!